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Vancouver Business Branding: Women’s Therapist

Buffy Stinchfield is a women’s physical therapist. She wanted to revamp her website and start building her brand. She’s already got the knowledge and the experience, and now she wanted to show through images what she does, how she does it, and how she’ll treat her clients. She is a warm, friendly, and caring person, and she treats her clients accordingly!

We started by showing a client consultation and then some of her working on the client.

Business Branding Womens Therapist

Next, we showed Buffy in her office on her own, working hard. This also included photos of the space itself. It’s not a huge office, but she has styled it so wonderfully!

Business Branding Headshots Womens Therapist Headshots

Business Branding Office Details

Personal Branding Wellness Yoga

Finally, we went outside for more casual photos showing a bit more relaxed personality.

Personal Branding Casual Headshots

Hi there



I want to take your picture!

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