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Portland Musician Headshots

Fear No Music is a very cool, mission-driven local music group that wanted non-traditional portraits of their member musicians and board members. Well, that is my perfect, ideal assignment! Creativity and cool props? Yes please!    

Portland Business Branding: Consulting

Kerri and Jill of the Corona Effect are a powerful duo! They really know their stuff about people, personalities, leadership, and business, and work with their clients to develop all of those things together. But most importantly? They have FUN with it! These two laugh and joke all the time, and you can’t help but…

Vancouver Business Branding: Women’s Therapist

Buffy Stinchfield is a women’s physical therapist. She wanted to revamp her website and start building her brand. She’s already got the knowledge and the experience, and now she wanted to show through images what she does, how she does it, and how she’ll treat her clients. She is a warm, friendly, and caring person,…

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