Photography to make your business look good!

Let’s Tell Your Story!

Business branding photos show your potential clients WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY your clients should choose you.

You’ll feel great knowing that your website and your social media show your best side, personally and professionally.

Your new photos will be build trust and connection with your future clients, because they’ll already know you!

Let’s talk!

My name is Julie, and I love photographing people to make them look their best. I’ve been a portrait photographer for ten years, and last year I earned the Certified Professional Photographer credential. You can be confident that I know lighting, posing, and angles to tell your story and make you look your best.


Next Steps

  1. Contact me to get started!
  2. We’ll set up a time to chat (by phone, video, or in person) and you’ll tell me about your business and your photo needs. We’ll begin creating your session.
  3. You’ll sign the contract, pay the invoice deposit, and we’ll schedule our session!
  4. Within two weeks, you’ll have your photos and can post them all over your website and social media!